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Graphic Designer - Statman Dave
Sept 2019 - (Ongoing)

The Statman Dave Channel is a Football focused, social media channel. The main focus of this channel, is to create engaging media content suited to an audience interested in football statistics and tactics.

Whilst working at The Statman Dave Channel, I have been tasked to create digital content for a wide range of media platforms. This content includes; motion & still graphics (Youtube), social media posts (Twitter & Instagram), data visualistion, live streaming graphics (Twitch) & mobile app UX/UI design. 

This work has given me a great knowledge and experience in regards to what's needed for the digital graphics social channel spectrum.

Sponsored Graphics
Benfica Graduates Vs Psg Graduates Graph



Brentford Info Graphic V2.png
Live Stream Graphics


For this project, I was tasked to create sponsored graphics for the streaming platform, Twitch.
I also had to design associated promotional graphics for Twitter & Instagram.
The Brief
P.L Preview_ Sportsbroker Twitch Story P
PL Preview_Sportsbroker Twitch Stream Pr
Stream Start Still.png
Phone Screen Overlay
Tactics Screen Overlay
Twitch Holding Screen
Twitter Promo Post
Instagram Promo Post
Bruno Year Insta Story Graphic_New.png
Statman Dave One To Watch Manager.png
With the focus at The Statman Dave channel being statistics, I've had to create a number of infographics showing statistical information on specific players & managers.

A lot of the time when creating these graphics, I've had to adhere to a sponsor's brand style & format, meaning I've had to adapt for any different infographics that I've created.
Most Chances Created Top 5 European Leag
Brennan Johnson Statistical Data Defending.png
Rabiot at Juve Ranked.png
FFF Gabriel Jesus vs Premier League Strikers.png
SMD Twitter Post.png
Stat Graphic 2023_24 Preview.png
Data Visualisation
To help increase the chance of sponsorship, I was tasked to design graphics which explained the channel's data in a more creative way.
Statman Dave Youtube Data Graphic V3.png
Statman Dave Twitter Data Graphic V3.png
Statman Dave Insta Data Graphic V3.png
App Design


This video shows the UI process for a Statman Dave tactics application. 
The app would allow users to create and save football tactics using their own personalised teams.
The creation process for the app was completed in Adobe XD. This was my first time using the software to create a full, viewable example of a final application.
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