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Freelance Graphic Designer - BBC Sport
Aug 2019 - Ongoing
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For this freelance work with the BBC, I was tasked with managing graphics for use on numerous BBC Sport programming.


The main duty for this work includes gathering headshot images of every player in the English Premier League.


I had to make sure that all of these headshots were readily available for the opening fixture of the upcoming season. 

Content Delivery
I was tasked to gather and create a PNG still for each player used in the Match of the Day Team Line up graphics.

For this, I had to keep on top of all the latest football transfers and make sure that each player's updated PNG was distributed to the relevant department.
The Brief

Headshot Stills

To keep this project under control, I had to create a checklist and manage which players I had completed for each team.
Badge Design
Whilst freelancing for the BBC, I was also asked to create high resolution badges of some lesser known teams in the FA Cup.
Euro 2020
For Euro 2020, I was asked to help create Cartoon versions of the players playing in the competition.
Wales Euro Screenshot.png
I also gathered and sent each of the players headshot stills of those playing in the tournament.
wales vs switz.png
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